Angry MobAttack Speed ShrineBarrows
Bones O'MalleyCampaignCemetery
ChapelCount NecrosisCreeps
Damage ShrineFire BombsGems
Hero Defense Haunted IslandHero Defense WikiJack
The AcademyThe ForgeTown Gates
File:Barrage Rune icon.pngFile:Barrows Shrine.pngFile:Cemetery screen1.png
File:Chapel map.pngFile:Communitylogo.pngFile:Count Necrosis.png
File:Damage Shrine.pngFile:Example.jpgFile:FIre Bombs.png
File:Gems.pngFile:HeroDefenseHauntedIsland Logo HD.pngFile:HeroDefenseHauntedIsland Logo small.png
File:HeroDefense - Haunted Island Early Access TrailerFile:HeroDefense Creeps IgorBoss 01.pngFile:HeroDefense Creeps Igor 01.png
File:HeroDefense Creeps SkeletonBoss 01.pngFile:HeroDefense Creeps Skeleton 01.pngFile:HeroDefense Creeps VampireBoss 01.png
File:HeroDefense Creeps Vampire 01.pngFile:HeroDefense Creeps WolfBoss 01.pngFile:HeroDefense Creeps Wolf 01.png
File:HeroDefense Creeps ZombieBoss 01.pngFile:HeroDefense Creeps Zombie 01.pngFile:HeroDefense Hero Barrows 01.png
File:HeroDefense Hero Jack 01.pngFile:HeroDefense Hero Jane 01.pngFile:HeroDefense Hero Sam 01.png
File:HeroDefense Screenshot 01.jpgFile:HeroDefense Screenshot 03.jpgFile:HeroDefense Screenshot 04.jpg
File:HeroDefense Screenshot 05.jpgFile:HeroDefense Screenshot 06.jpgFile:HeroDefense Screenshot 07.jpg
File:HeroDefense Screenshot 08.jpgFile:HeroDefense Screenshot 09.jpgFile:HeroDefense Screenshot 10.jpg
File:HeroDefense Screenshot 11.jpgFile:Hero Defense Greenlight TrailerFile:Hero Defense logo small.jpg
File:Jack's Shrine.pngFile:Let's Play Hero Defense - Haunted Island - 002 - BURN BURN BURN!!! - Playthrough GameplayFile:Let's Play Hero Defense - Haunted Island - 003 - endless gold??? - Playthrough Gameplay
File:Let's Play Hero Defense - Haunted Island - Tutorial 001 Playthrough GameplayFile:Rune quality and price.pngFile:Soul reaper rune.png
File:The Academy2.pngFile:The Forge1.pngFile:Wiki-background

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